Did You Know We Accept New Patient Referrals?

Here at the Centre, we are passionate about looking after our patients but also their friends and family. Many people do not realise they can refer their family or friends to the centre for treatments or are not aware fully of the treatments we offer. We do not see patients who cold call the practice however as a VIP patient of the centre you can refer your family and friends directly to us. We accept referrals for;

  • Dental Implants
  • Oral surgery
  • Periodontics (gum disease)
  • Orthodontics (teeth straightening)
  • Restorative treatments (worn, failing teeth)
  • Endodontics (root fillings)

To refer your friends and family they will need to contact the practice and give your name so we can cross check them on the system. Simply ask them to let reception know that you have recommended them. We will invite them to allow us to contact their dentist for more information if they wish but this is not essential, we can see them without if needed it just sometimes helps to see their x-rays or past history.

This service is also open to our hygienists and patients can book on what we call a direct access basis to see any of our hygienists. The hygienist visit doesn’t entail a dental check up but will include a thorough assessment of their gum health. Occasionally our hygienists may recommend seeing a dentist if they notice anything that might need attention.

We would like to thank all those patients who have referred friends and family to us as this is how our practice grows and improves ensuring we can continue to provide the highest quality dental care to you. Please speak to a member of the team if we can help at all.


“After feeling very anxious prior to my appointment, I left CESRC feeling much happier and in very safe and competent hands. Every member of the team that I came into contact with were kind, reassuring and helpful. The experience of the team was obvious from the word go and I would highly recommend this practice! Thank you!”

E. Richards

“Another great CPD evening on occlusion last week. Keep up with the study club programme as it is a great opportunity for us GDPs to stay up to date and meet other colleagues in the profession.”

O. Hinton

“Excellent, knowledgeable team.”

C. Bradley


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