Meet Owen and Angel!

Meet Owen & Angel, our therapy dogs at Central England Specialist Referral centre.

The use of animal-assisted interventions in health care settings is an evidence-based practice with the goal of enhancing overall health and well-being of patients. It seemed sensible to consider the positive impact that introducing a therapy dog could have on our patients.

Making the decision to have a therapy dog wasn’t an easy decision but after doing lots of research the resounding outcome was that any negatives were more than outweighed by the positives and Dr Wilson decided to get another dog in addition to his other dog Angel.


The practical and health and safety implications of introducing a therapy dog were surprisingly easy. A risk assessment was completed along with the creation of a policy and a conversation with our public liability insurance advisors and some advice from the Care Quality Commission and things were in place.

It is worth at this point noting that most buildings, shops and services have not yet recognised emotional support animals, and they are not yet permitted in these premises, so we are paving the way.

The next step was to identify a quality breeder with all the required paperwork who could discuss the family history of the puppy. An excellent history of good temperament is key to the success of a therapy dog. One was located, investigated, and finally brought to his forever home to join Angel.

Owen had arrived in the Wilson household and the dog was not only to be part of Dr Wilsons family but offer so much more here at the Centre to so many.

Owen began attending the practice on a few days to acclimatise him and make sure he felt safe in the centre environment. He was then carefully introduced to patients one to one. Angel, who was already Dr Wilsons, dog at home missed Owen when he was here at the Centre so it was decided that Angel would also visit the practice on occasional days. Their behaviour is impeccable, and they have both received professional training and so far, the feedback from the patients has been excellent.

Owen & Angel have not only become a firm favourite of the patients but also the staff too, taking him them on walks out and about enhancing our staff’s health and wellbeing, increasing exercise and boosting moods.

This does mean that we kindly ask patients not to bring their dogs into the Centre. Of course, assistance dogs are allowed in and if you let reception know you are bringing an assistance dog then we can move Owen & Angel to their luxury kennel at the back of the Centre. Equally any patients who may have allergies or just a fear of our four-legged friends then please inform reception, and we will ensure they are away during your visit.

Owen & Angel has enhanced our Centre and they love being here, they enhance the wellbeing of staff, patients, and visitors alike. We do hope you will also share our enthusiasm for Owen and Angel and be sure to ask reception or Neil if you wish to meet them.




“After feeling very anxious prior to my appointment, I left CESRC feeling much happier and in very safe and competent hands. Every member of the team that I came into contact with were kind, reassuring and helpful. The experience of the team was obvious from the word go and I would highly recommend this practice! Thank you!”

E. Richards

“Another great CPD evening on occlusion last week. Keep up with the study club programme as it is a great opportunity for us GDPs to stay up to date and meet other colleagues in the profession.”

O. Hinton

“Excellent, knowledgeable team.”

C. Bradley


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