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Congratulations to Kausar and Summy who have both completed their radiography course and examinations! This means they are now qualified to take radiographs (X-rays) on patients.

Congratulations to Jade who has stepped into the role of Senior Dental Nurse will be taking over the day to day running of the surgeries. She will coordinate the team and ensure things run smoothly as well as helping train other members of the team.

Congratulations to our Nurse Kausar who was able to put her life-saving skills into practice recently in Nando’s – Star City in Birmingham. “I was out enjoying a Nando’s with a friend when I put my medical emergency skills to use. I noticed a young boy began to choke. As the rest of the customers and his family panicked, I didn’t think twice before I reacted. My training from work was the reason why I was so confident to approach the boy and his family to help. I knew I had to react quickly and the back-slap technique I learnt at my training at the Centre worked and I was able to clear his airway. We repeated our annual training again just a few weeks after the incident and all the team re visited choking, asthma attacks, strokes, heart attacks, epilepsy and diabetes so you know you’re in safe hands here at the centre.


Well done to Jo, Jenna and Sabrina who completed the Birmingham half marathon. In an unusual twist of events it actually turned out to be 11.07 miles but they all put their training in and had a great day!

The whole team took part in our in-house sedation training course in September. Geoff and Claire from Yorkshire Sedation Training came and spent an entire day with us recapping on sedation techniques, best practice and how to ensure the safest and most positive outcome for our patients. We use sedation when patients are nervous about treatment especially surgical procedures. Intravenous sedation puts you into a deep relaxed state. You are still conscious and able to converse with the team but most patients are unable to recall anything from the procedure once the sedation has worn off and will not feel anything through the procedure. The team had a great day and picked up lots of little tips to put into practice.




“After feeling very anxious prior to my appointment, I left CESRC feeling much happier and in very safe and competent hands. Every member of the team that I came into contact with were kind, reassuring and helpful. The experience of the team was obvious from the word go and I would highly recommend this practice! Thank you!”

E. Richards

“Another great CPD evening on occlusion last week. Keep up with the study club programme as it is a great opportunity for us GDPs to stay up to date and meet other colleagues in the profession.”

O. Hinton

“Excellent, knowledgeable team.”

C. Bradley


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