Periodontics (Gums)

When plaque builds up, the bacteria within it can cause gum disease. Sometimes this can happen over time and be relatively painless, but left untreated it can cause tooth loss. The best approach is being proactive and cleaning thoroughly, but when it has progressed to cause disease you may need advanced treatment from one of our experienced dental professionals.

Gum disease is quite common and you can rest assured that our team have treated many cases and seen various conditions from swollen and red gums to bleeding and receding gums causing loose teeth. Aside from the pain, gum disease can result in bad breath which may impact confidence.

Our centre provides treatment at all stages of the problem and our expert hygienists can provide education and support for thorough cleaning. We also recommend regular oral hygiene check-ups.

Hear this patient’s story about his journey at Central England Specialist Referral Centre below and contact us to book your hygiene appointment or consultation if you’re worried about your gums.


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