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Here at the Centre we like to put something back and support our local community. This year we have chosen Solihull Academy. The team recently had a visit from the Principal, Stephen Steinhaus, to talk about how the support and help from CESRC is going to change the educational futures and life of their students. Solihull has, in the past, had one of the highest exclusion rates from schools in the country. If a young person is permanently excluded from school they are at risk of getting caught up in crime, drugs and, more alarmingly, they have a 1 in 4 chance of dying before the age of 25.

The Academy opened in April 2018 with 30 Year 9 students drawn from across all 15 Solihull secondary schools and now has 55 students with many more on their waiting list who need the help and support they can provide. They will open fully in September 2019 with up to 110 students in Years 9 – 11. Solihull needs an additional, alternative solution for a number of students for whom mainstream education is simply not working and Solihull Academy has been set up to address that need. They have recruited committed, passionate and talented staff to ensure the full range of interventions to change the outcomes of their students for the better.

With a balanced mix of academic and pastoral intervention, challenge and rigour, they have created a structured, therapeutic environment to give students in the borough a chance to truly succeed. Their mission is to help their pupils gain ground, regain what may have been lost in their previous experiences of education, and take them as far as they can and even further than they might think possible academically, socially, emotionally and morally until they finish with the Academy Year 11.

We will be supporting them through sponsorship of lectures we provide here at the centre, any lectures Dr Wilson gives to other organisations his fee will be donated, team fundraising, events and maybe even some volunteering! Look out for news on events or how to help and get involved in our newsletters, on our website and through our Facebook and Instagram pages.


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