Fee Guide

Our fees have been carefully considered and reflect our high level of professional care, advanced equipment and consistently high results. We believe in being open about our fees and you can trust that we will always discuss and explain them clearly. After your initial consultation, we will send you a letter detailing your bespoke treatment plan including any likely costs. If you would like to spread the cost of your treatment we can offer finance options.


Implant consultation £195*
Prosthodontics consultation £195*
Periodontal assessment £195*
Orthodontic consultation £195
Endodontic consultation from £125
Oral surgery consultation from £125

*These consultation fees include a BP screening and a Blood glucose (HbA1c) test. 

Review appointments from £98-£160

Diagnostic procedures

Small X-rays £14
Large full mouth X-ray £60
Cone Beam CT Scan £210

Study Models

A study model is a 3D model of your teeth that is taken before we start treatment. It is needed to help plan complex treatment cases. It acts as a reference point from which we can plan your treatment and predict the results of treatment.

Mounted study casts (including treatment planning) £500-750

Wax up £750-£1000

Periodontal treatment

Our hygiene programme and supportive maintenance appointments include baseline records, advice, cleaning, monitoring and oral hygiene products used in surgery. Once your mouth is stabilised we will recommend a supportive maintenance plan for you.

Hygiene programme & supportive maintenance

Extensive Hygienist appointment £194

Dental Implants from £2900

Orthodontic treatment

Lateral cephs (as needed) £50

Photos and models £100


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